Sadio Mané no longer wants to play at Bayern Munich

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A casting error. Here is how some German media describe the recruitment of Sadio Mané by Bayern Munich. However, everything was in place for the marriage to work between the Bavarian giant and the sparkling Senegalese in the Liverpool jersey. Ready to take up a new challenge after having succeeded in conquering England, the striker had been chosen by the Munich management to lead the new project following the departure of Robert Lewandowski. After a good start, it went downhill.

Sadio Mané was injured and missed the World Cup and many of Bayern Munich’s matches. Julian Nagelsmann used it less on his return. Despite the arrival of Thomas Tuchel, the situation has not really changed for him. Replacing in the spirit of TT, the former Liverpool failed to find a starting place. And to make matters worse, he hit Leroy Sané in the locker room after the defeat against Manchester City in the Champions League at the Etihad Stadium.

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A divorce from Bayern Munich this summer

Mané did not appreciate the way his teammate spoke to him on the pitch. And if the two players, separated by their teammates, apologized, the Senegalese was suspended for one match by his club. He was also fined over 300,000 euros. Despite Tuchel’s speech, who claimed to have confidence in him in public, the German technician, who is not a big fan of the player, opened the door to his departure behind the scenes.

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Quickly, the English media mentioned a possible return to Liverpool. But the Senegalese immediately ruled that out. Afterwards, Picture revealed that Chelsea and Napoli, who see him as the possible successor to Victor Osimhen, were also tempted. Despite this, the player’s position had always been more or less the same. Indeed, he wanted to continue at Bayern Munich and impose himself there. But the trend is reversing.

Mané is ready to leave

Sky Germany assures that Sadio Mané wants to leave this summer 2023, only one year after his arrival. The German media confirms that Tuchel does not count on him and that the player wants “close this chapter” and that he is a candidate for departure. “He has no future at Bayern. Bayern bosses are also waiting for him to leave because they can’t imagine Mané spending a year on the Bayern bench.moreover precise Sky Germany.

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It remains to be seen where he wants to play now and especially which club will be ready to relaunch him, he who has a hefty salary of more than 20 million euros per season. The German publication believe he has a very strong chance of returning to the Premier League. The only championship that can assume its emoluments. To be continued…

Should Sadio Mané leave Bayern Munich?

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