Rugby Union: Victim of a new concussion and forced to stop his career, former USAP player Sébastien Vahaamahina charges Clermont

The second international line of Clermont Sébastien Vahaamahina will have to end his career after a new concussion, he said in an interview with L’Equipe, where he criticizes the Auvergne club for not assuming its responsibilities.

Vahaamahina (31 years old, 46 selections), passed by the USAP (2011-2014), has not played with Clermont since December 10, 2022 and a match against the South African franchise of the Stormers (24-14), in the Champions Cup.

“In six years, this is the tenth (hustle) listed. There were others, but apparently they weren’t recorded in my medical records. I have more and more symptoms after each concussion, with an impact on my life as a professional rugby player but also on my private life.Vahaamahina told L’Equipe, recounting her “headache”his “dizziness”In “fatigue”

Victim of a concussion in December, Sébastien Vahaamahina was in turn forced to put an end to his career. Very upset against the leaders of Clermont, the second-line international criticizes them for not assuming their responsibilities:

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“A week later, I wanted to come to the stadium driving alone. Result: I fell asleep in the parking lot when I arrived, so exhausted I was from having driven not even fifteen minutes. We also had to postpone my nose operation. because anesthesia was not recommended in my condition”he continued.

After two operations, the former Brive and Perpignan player, who arrived at Marcel-Michelin in 2014, has “resumed an almost normal life”but keep living with it “a sharp sword above the head”.

“I understood that the ASM surely had something else to do than take care of its old soldiers”

“Five months have passed and they (the leaders of Clermont, Editor’s note) could have made me a decent and clear proposal to properly end my story with the club. If they haven’t, they don’t want to. The club continues to buy time and hope that I give up. I thought I deserved more respect. I’m disappointed and hurt”said the second line again.

“I understood that the ASM surely had something else to do than take care of its old soldiers”he added.

During the week, club and player received a letter from the FFR, indicating the withdrawal of Vahaamahina’s license “following a letter from the ASM doctor and a recommendation from the medical commission before which I was never summoned”according to the native of Nouméa who explains that he has not received any prior information.

“I’m ashamed for my club as my dismissal for unsuitability is in progress. I’m having a lot of trouble setting foot in the stadium. I told the managers that they ruined everything, as if they had everything erased. I was programmed to play, to give everything and perform”he observes.

“They had to and must protect us. The players have duties but also rights. They are in a hurry to finish me. All this is unfair. They do not assume. We are like cars for them. And when we is screwed, we’re going to the scrapyard”says Vahaamahina again, believing that at “ several times, the rest periods after concussions were not respected”.

He is the third ASM player to denounce the attitude of the Auvergne club, after second line Jamie Cudmore and third line Alexandre Lapandry, who filed a complaint against the club for “endangering the lives of others”.

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