Rugby 7. France stolen in London? No, New Zealand just played with the rule

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Thomas Carol protested in vain, he could not type the transformation of the equalizer against the All Blacks. (©World Rugby screenshot)

It’s a kick that could have changed everything at the end of the season. France 7 and could have allowed him to ride on the World Rugby Seven Series podiumfollowing the last stage which took place on May 20 and 21, 2023 in London.

Except that in quarterfinalthe New Zealanders and the referee decided otherwise. Let’s rewind the tape. During the last minute of the match, the Frenchman Joris Simon scored a try and allowed the Blues to pick up at 17-19before the transformation. That’s when everything will change. In the time of Rugby explains everything to you.

A transformation impossible to type

Thomas Carol therefore has the opportunity to bring the two teams tied and offer an extension to the Habs. Unfortunately, he will not have the opportunity since the referee will whistle the end of the match before the Pau player can even adjust his drop. Indeed, the siren sounds and the official blows the whistle three times indicating the end of the game. General astonishment in the French clan.

Very quickly, Thomas Carol complained only about the attitude of the New Zealanders, since they were in front of him when he had to attempt this very important kick. But what does the rule ? In rugby 7, it is not the same as in XV !

Indeed, following a try, the opposing players must not place themselves behind their goal line, but on their 10-meter line as stipulated by the laws of the game and its variations in the regulations. World Rugby.

The rules of the game change according to the practices of rugby (©Screenshot)

An obvious lack of fair play, but a rule respected

The All Blacks were therefore within their rights. But, there is the rule and the application of the rule. On this one, there was an obvious lack of fair play on their part. The rule was not broken, of course, but all the players passed the French striker. On a field 50 meters wide, this cannot be anything but a coincidence…

But New Zealanders may not be the only ones to blame for this. The Uruguayan referee Francisco Gonzalez who officiated during this match did not take into account the situation at all and showed zeal, considering that Thomas Carol had taken too long to type his transformation. But was he in the best conditions to do so? It’s up to everyone to make up their own mind…

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Thomas Carol was unable to attempt his transformation into a drop, the Blues lost in the quarter-finals against New Zealand (19-17), but managed to get the 5e place in the London tournament, after two subsequent victories against Australia (22-19), then Ireland (21-19).

In the final ranking of the 2023 season, France 7who was 3e before this last stage in London, finished at a 4e historic place, but Jérôme Daret’s Tricolores could have hoped for better, and this end of the quarter-finals will leave them with a bitter taste for a long time…

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