Rothen’s cash response to Cantona after his criticism of French football

In the program Rothen ignites this Friday on RMC, Jérome Rothen wanted to respond to Eric Cantona, who declared in the columns of Parisian that “French football has no history”.

Rothen insisted on responding to Cantona. While the former Manchester United player claimed in an interview with Le Parisien on Friday that French football had “no history”, Jérome Rothen replied that he must stop talking about football and denigrating performances. clubs in France.

“As soon as he talks about France, he denigrates”

“French football has no history. It is the only country in the world where the same city does not host two teams, tackled Eric Cantona. So yes, there are people who love football, there has real fans, but not enough to have two clubs in the same city. And I may be an old jerk, but I prefer to support football that has a soul, that has something that touches me. On the side of Paris , I would rather go to see Red Star, in Saint-Ouen, than PSG.”

“It always concerns me when Eric Cantona talks about football, because he disconnected from football, so when you disconnect you are necessarily dropped in your analyzes, you are dropped from France, answers Jérôme Rothen at the microphone of RMC. His football career has proven it. He has said on several occasions that he feels more English than French. I’m sorry, but I’m a patriot, I’m a fervent defender of France, even if we don’t not all good, so when you go abroad, you earn things abroad, and you plant the French flag somewhere, it’s to highlight the qualities of France. he talks about France, he denigrates.”

“The proof he is able to say that France has no history in football. I want to remind him that no, it is not the only country in the world where there are not two great clubs in his capital. This is the history of France and I think that he took advantage of being trained abroad to have a good career abroad. It is not the fault of the France if he has not had a great international career because with his character he has sintered with all the French coaches.”

“He does not have the infused science”

“Whether he feels frustrated, angry, disappointed or not listened to is one thing, but don’t question everything. When he talks to me about PSG, he’s already in a very bad place because he’s more from Marseille than Paris. , automatically he will be in the review. He talks about the Red Star, but it would make me laugh if he told me about the history of this club. Okay there are problems in Paris, but we didn’t wait from Eric Cantona to know that there are problems at PSG today. Stop for a second, try to be fair to France and let go of your frustrated side. Please don’t talk about football anymore.”

“Eric Cantona is not Zinedine Zidane. So it’s not God the Father when he talks about football, he doesn’t know everything. I think it’s just disgusting to talk about French football like that. We’re the first to be frustrated at not having enough European cups, but it is not because you do not win titles that you do not mark the history of France. , it’s Saint-Etienne de Larqué, AS Monaco before, during and after me, Marseille also made epics, PSG won the Coupe des Coupes And I’m not even talking about the national team which is one of the best in the world. But it was not his generation indeed.”

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