Rongier dispels the start of Payet’s unease

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Since Rudi Garcia, Dimitri Payet has been the captain of Olympique de Marseille, in addition to being the most influential player in the game. But, since the arrival of Igor Tudor, the cards have been reshuffled. If he is still officially the captain of the Phocaeans, he did not start in the first two confrontations of Mattéo Guendouzi and his teammates.

An uneasiness was thus beginning to show up. Valentin Rongier, who inherited the armband, was present at the press conference. He brought up the subject. ” No, Dimitri is still just as involved in the life of the group. He’s the captain, he takes his role to heart. I know he doesn’t like being on the bench, because he’s a competitor. We will need him and he will help us like last year “began by explaining the midfielder.

Payet did not want to recover the armband

But we could not see two images during the entries of the Reunionese which put the chip in the ear. Indeed, the former West Ham refused to recover the captain’s armband first stretched by Valentin Rongier against Reims then by Mattéo Guendouzi against Brest. A new thing that Rongier commented on.

I don’t think it matters to him. It’s a cuff on the arm. It wasn’t a thoughtful move. When I saw him, I wanted to give him. Then we discussed it together. It does not matter. Even if he does not have the armband, he is the one who manages the ship “, he thus concluded. It remains to be seen now if Dimitri Payet will finally hold, this Saturday evening, against Nantes.

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