Roland-Garros: Alexander Zverev evokes a “very serious” injury after his retirement

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The third German player in the world violently twisted an ankle on Friday June 3, when he faced Rafael Nadal for a place in the final of the Parisian Grand Slam.

Alexander Zverev, who violently twisted his right ankle and had to give up in full arm wrestling with Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals of Roland-Garros, spoke of “a very serious injury” without communicating a precise diagnosis on Friday June 3 at evening.

“It seems to be a very serious injury but the doctors are still analyzing it”, declares the world N.3, face marked, as the first speech since his abandonment, in a video posted on social media around half past midnight.

Zverev was injured on a resumption of support after a forehand hit at the end of the race. He collapsed, rolled on the dirt floor screaming in pain and, a few minutes later, his face contorted with pain, was evacuated in a wheelchair. He returned to the Center court leaning on crutches to formalize his abandonment.

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The score was 7-6 (10/8), 6-6 in favor of Nadal. Until he twisted his ankle, the 25-year-old German had been pushing the Spaniard to a record 21 Grand Slam trophies for over three hours.

“Very difficult moment on the court today (Friday), fantastic game until what happened … It’s not an easy moment for me”, continues Zverev. Asked if the extremely wet conditions on Friday could have made the court, roof closed, slippery, Nadal estimated that the Tokyo Olympic champion had simply been “bad luck”.

“I don’t think there is a topic here. The court is not in bad shape. I don’t think he twisted his ankle because of the court. It was bad luck. C It was an accident. It happens on all surfaces”, considered the Mallorcan left-hander.

“It’s very hard, I’m very sad for him, he had reacted earlier on the court. He was playing an incredible tournament, I know how much he fights to win a Grand Slam. He really didn’t have any luck, but I’m sure in the future he will win, and not one, but many more.” Qualified for the Roland-Garros final on the day of his 36th birthday, “Rafa” will seek a fourteenth coronation there on Sunday against the Norwegian Casper Ruud, world No.8.

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