Roger Federer could be present at the Roland Garros final!

Many guests of honor, a great on the ground for one of the Roland Garros 2022, second of the year. The sensational news, however, could come from the world of tennis. According to what was reported by the journalist Marcos Zugasti, the Swiss champion Roger Federer could also attend the match.

The Swiss tennis player has been stopped for months due to injury, but there are some clues that suggest a possible presence of the athlete in Paris. Here is a tweet with a photo, two days ago, of Roger at the Park Hyatt hotel, where other tennis players in Paris are staying:

After the publication of this photo, social networks were unleashed and there were several hypotheses regarding the reason for Federer’s presence. Some have talked about the possibility that the tennis player can reward the winner, perhaps the friend and rival of many battles Rafa Nadal, while others (the most pessimistic) have instead discussed about a possible announcement of the Spanish tennis player.

According to reports from RMC Sport, Nadal would have asked the organization for a massive presence of the press for the post-match conference and this choice suggests a possible big (and sensational) announcement by the tennis player at the end of the match.

There are various hypotheses, not least the one regarding a possible and sensational retirement from tennis. This afternoon Paris will held the final of the Roland Garros 2022, the long-awaited tournament valid as the second Grand Slam of the year.

Thirteen-time champion and winner of twenty-one Grand Slam titles Rafael Nadal will face Norwegian tennis player Casper Ruud, a true rookie in these stages of the tournament, on his home court. The Majorcan champion starts as a fairly favorite while as stated by Casper himself he will play almost ‘with nothing to lose’ In the conference Ruud said: “Of course I will try, but I am aware that it will be very tough.

We all know Nadal, he is a very strong tennis player who plays the most important moments well. I will try to enjoy it, I am underdog and in these hours I will try to dream of the great winners of the past. I’ll have to do my best and above all I’ll have to believe in it, it’s the only way to have any chance”

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