Roberto Mancini worried about the level of Italian attackers

Italy is at its worst in recent months. Deprived of the world by North Macedonia, outclassed by Argentina this Wednesday during the Finalissima (0-3), the Nazionale showed immense shortcomings on both sides of the field. His coach, Roberto Mancini, chose to point the finger at the thinness of the breeding ground he has in attack. On the eve of facing Germany in the League of Nations, the transalpine technician did not hide his concern. “It worries us, yes. In football to win, you have to score. We have to find attackers who, unfortunately, don’t exist in Italy.”he regretted.

Ciro Immobile and Andrea Belotti have been the most-used number nines since 2018 and Mancini’s takeover. But their performance is insufficient. Above all, there are not many people to compete with them. “ Italy’s other young strikers struggle to play in Serie B except for Gianluca Scamacca (Sassuolo) but who has not yet played an international match apart from a few appearances with us”added Roberto Mancini.

“The hope is that those who play in B can quickly play and score in Serie A”concluded the one who will live his 50th match on Saturday on the bench of Italy, with whom he won the Euro in England last summer.


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