Robert MacIntyre calls money offered at LIV Golf Invitational obscene

If some world leaders seem attracted by the petrodollars of the LIV Golf Invitational, Robert MacIntyre considered “obscene” the endowments practiced on this Professional League (255 million dollars). The Scot also warned that he would not participate in one of the eight tournaments on the calendar for the 2022 season. The first meeting is scheduled for June 9 to 11 at the Centurion Club in London.

This is called performing a nice counterpoint. While an increasing number of players would have asked for their “exit voucher” to play one or more tournaments of the LIV Golf Invitational, Robert MacIntyrehe swore that he would never play in this very richly endowed League (255 million dollars over eight tournaments) and whose first event is scheduled from June 9 to 11 in Centurion Clubin London (England).

Present this week at Belfrynear Birmingham, for the British Masters (DP World Tour), the Scottish left-hander, only 25 years old, was very clear when asked the question, in particular on the exorbitant amount of prize-money practiced (25 million dollars on each tournament).

I won’t behe let go without the slightest hesitation. It’s as simple as that, I’m not going to play there. This proposed sum of money is completely insane. To me, it’s even obscene. Does a human being really need that much money to live? »

A far-reaching position on the substance as well as on the form of a certain Lee Westwood for example who himself has clearly positioned himself to take the start of the first meeting of the LIV Golf Invitational. Or a Phil Mickelson who would have, for his part, accepted a check for 30 million dollars to be at the start of the eight tournaments of the 2022 season of this famous Saudi League!

I live pretty welltook over the current 73rd player in the world. I have a house, a hearth, my family is healthy. I have a car that I can drive, clothes that I can put on and I can still enjoy myself, and my loved ones too. Do I need anything else? Right now, I’m happy like that! »

Photo: @TheMastersTournament

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