Riolo: “Longoria must be careful with the management of his club”

In After Foot, Daniel Riolo questioned the choices of Pablo Longoria since the start of the summer transfer window and in particular that of Igor Tudor.

On the waves of RMC, Daniel Riolo gave his feelings about the OM transfer window. The journalist is not convinced by the choices of Pablo Longoria: “It was not expected at all that it was also moving at OM during the off-season. One can wonder what Longoria is doing.

He considers that the departure of Jorge Sampaoli led the club to take a step back: “Sampaoli’s departure somewhat brings back what OM should be against their will. That is to say a visiting club where we try out players and try bets. I can’t take these arguments anymore. We have turned OM upside down. Last season’s defense no longer exists. The offensive players are stacked. For Alexis Sanchez, it’s still a management challenge. I wish him success, but they are betting on a player whose prime has been exceeded for 5 years. We don’t know how it’s going to play up front, we don’t understand Tudor’s system. Longoria has chosen a trainer who has the opposite methods Sampaoli. The whole group was used to the Argentinian’s methods. Among last season’s executives, Saliba and Kamara left. Guendouzi is totally lost. He had a great season, he created a real relationship with the Marseille public and with the former coach, now he has to start all over again. Payet is the same thing. With him it can only work if there is a real relationship of trust with the coach. Today this is not the case. I’m not saying it’s not going to work, it’s going to take time, but so far it’s not terrible. Longoria must not take OM like a Football Manager game. Longoria is a good president, he’s an intelligent person, but he has to be careful with the management of his club.

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