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Kylian Mbapp’s trip to Madrid on Monday agitates the Spanish press. The two Madrid dailies, Marca and AS, even made their front page this Tuesday morning.

Where will Kylian Mbapp play next season? At the moment no one has the answer as the Paris Saint-Germain striker continues to claim he hasn’t made up his mind yet. But for the Spanish press, it’s another story. The Spanish media are convinced that the 23-year-old star will join Real Madrid this summer. And it’s not Monday that will make them change their minds.

The Madrid press displays Mbapp on the front page

Yesterday, the Habs took advantage of a day off to go to Madrid with his teammate Achraf Hakimi. A presence in the Spanish capital which obviously ignites the local press. Welcome headlines the daily AS on its front page this Tuesday, taking up the photo shared by the Parisian on Instagram. Mbapp Madrid! excite Marca using the same image.

If the Madrid press sees this as a sign of a future signing with the Merengues, it is advisable to remain cautious. Mbapp’s presence in Madrid doesn’t mean he will sign with Real in the coming weeks. Moreover, there is nothing to confirm that this move was linked to his future. The former Mongasque was happy to put a mention OFF under his photo, as if to indicate that he was simply enjoying his day off.

Mbapp aware of the impact of coming to Madrid

On the other hand, the world champion knew very well that his presence in Spain was going to make a lot of talk, as his future feeds the transfer section every day and his entourage is expected in the Spanish capital this week to discuss with the Madrid leaders. It remains to be seen what his purpose was. Send a message to Real? Put pressure on PSG? Many questions remain.

Pending answers, AS details a draft schedule for Mbapp’s arrival in Madrid: a signing in July and a presentation after the club’s tour of the United States which will end on July 23. See you in a few weeks to see if the Madrid newspaper was right.

Welcome (AS)

Mbapp Madrid! (Marca)

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