REACTIONS. Guy Novès on the retirement of Maxime Médard: “He is one of my great memories”

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For The Dispatch, the coach full of titles with Stade Toulousain and former coach of the Blues gives his feelings on the back “Rouge et Noir”, who has spent his entire career in Toulouse, and announced this Friday, April 29 that he would hang up his crampons at the end of the season.

Guy Novès, former coach of Stade Toulousain and ex-coach of the XV of France: “I have accompanied this permanent progression of this exceptional player in terms of qualities, of mentality. It is strange because he is a boy who has not made noise and who has shown his permanent talent. For me, he is one of the great memories. He is a player as we like them at the Stadium with a form of versatility, capable of playing back, winger. I think he was capable of playing any position because he stank rugby. He is a very, very effective player. I remember this match that we won at the end with the France team against Ireland thanks to a try he scored (10-9 in 2016, Editor’s note). He is always opportunistic, always present and above all with a mentality that is part of stadium education. He maintained it and then he experienced enormous progress. He had young talent and he worked on his rugby like no.

He was also very faithful. It’s linked I imagine to life choices, to opportunities. He is a very family person.

His grumpy side? The competitor is always complaining. For me, a competitor who does not complain is not a competitor. He is a boy who has evolved, who has managed to be calm, to analyze his successes, his failures, who is always looking to do better and who always wants to give the best for the team and for him. He’s not a soloist, he’s a player who plays for others.”

Jean-Baptiste Elissalde, former teammate and ex-trainer of Maxime Médard: “My first reaction to his retirement? We are getting old! I want to tell him how happy I was to have been his teammate, to have trained him too. He was a very good rugby player but above all, a good guy. The years pass quickly… I remember his first moments with us at Stade Toulousain, his talent. I remember the days when we saw him arrive at training. His talent… He was a pure rugby player. When he arrived in the senior team (2004), I had just arrived in Toulouse. Then he never left the team. I admired his fluidity, everything was very simple with Max, with his legs and his exceptional timing. To train? He was a very easy player to coach. He was very often in the team, in the back or on the wing, with his very good left foot. This is valuable for the “strategy” side. He had a great mind too. He didn’t only know good times, he always hung on.

In the locker room, he was rather discreet. You know, it’s not easy when you arrive in Toulouse when you’re young. You really had to fit in. For him, it was natural. I always had a great pleasure to find him in a team. In our difficult times, we often exchanged. A respectful and respectable boy.”

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