‘Rafael Nadal will not reach the top’, says top coach

2013 French Open finalist David Ferrer says Carlos Alcaraz is an impressive talent and will surely be a big star, but he doesn’t want to compare him to Rafael Nadal. Like Nadal, Alcaraz became a Masters champion and a top-10 player at the age of 18.

No player has done this kind of thing since Nadal so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Alcaraz being compared to Nadal. However, Ferrer does not want to compare Alcaraz with Nadal because that could be “a great burden” and also “no one can overshadow Nadal.

But I don’t like to compare them, because what Rafa has done is huge. He is a tennis legend, the best player in history,” Ferrer told the ATP Tour website. “Comparing them would be a great burden for Carlos. He will be a player who will have the opportunity to be number 1 in the world.

He will have many chances to win Grand Slams, but he has his whole career ahead of him.” Ferrer enjoyed a fine career as he won 27 ATP titles, reached a Grand Slam final and was once ranked No. 3 in the world. Now Ferrer is the director of the Barcelona tournament, a tournament that Alcaraz won last week.

Ferrer is a true Spanish legend, but he says that Alcaraz will undoubtedly have a better career. “He is not going to replace me, because Carlos Alcaraz will be better than David Ferrer,” added Ferrer.

Rafa is a record five-time champion at the Madrid Open

After an injury break that kept him out of action for over a month, Rafael Nadal will return to action at the Madrid Open, which begins on May 1.

Former Belgian great Justine Henin stressed that the Frenchman’s desire to avenge his quarterfinal loss to Novak Djokovic will bring out the best in the Spaniard subject to him being physically prepared ahead of the tournament.

“The question is, can he still win Roland-Garros at least once? If physically he is able to prepare properly, I think that the desire for revenge compared to the defeat in last year’s semifinal will be huge.”

Renowned coach and sports commentator Patrick Mouratoglou was of the opinion that Nadal’s lack of match practice may hamper his progress at the French Open. “Rafael Nadal did not go to play many games, and it is extremely rare that he arrives at Roland with so few games.

So, for Roland-Garros, there is a real unknown for him. Despite his incredible start to the season, he is a player who has always needed to play a lot. He will not reach the top.”

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