Rafael Nadal: what is the Müller-Weiss syndrome from which the Spaniard suffers?

Rafael Nadal, who is playing in the Roland-Garros final on Sunday, has Müller-Weiss syndrome, a condition that causes chronic foot pain.

The Spanish champion, in search of a 14th coronation at Roland-Garros on Sunday against Casper Ruud, has been affected for a few months by Müller-Weiss syndrome. So much so that he even mentioned the possibility that the end of his career was near after his victory.

Müller-Weiss syndrome is a very rare pathology. This disease causes pain in the feet and above all does not allow the practice of sport at a high level. Which could therefore push “Rafa” to retire soon.

This syndrome is a bone degeneration. It is often seen in women between 40 and 60 years old. But men and younger people, and Rafael Nadal is proof of this, are also affected.

Note that the consequence of this degeneration can also be long-term osteoarthritis, which is also very painful.

It now remains to be seen how long the Majorcan will be able to hold out. At 35 (soon to be 36), he must observe rest as soon as the pain is too strong. The rest of the time, he must rely on anti-inflammatories or cortisone injections to bear the pain.

After his victory against Novak Djokovic, he also confided in the subject of a possible retirement because of this syndrome. “I’m very clear about that,” he said. I’m old enough not to hide things. I don’t know what can happen after here, I have what I have on my feet. If we are not able to find a solution, it will become very difficult for me. I just enjoy every day that I have the chance to be there, without thinking too much about what may happen in the future. Of course I will continue to fight to find a solution, but for the moment, we don’t have one. The last three and a half months have not been easy for me, that’s the only thing I can say. In Rome (elimination in the round of 16 in mid-May with extreme foot pain, editor’s note), I did not have my doctor. With the doctor here, you can do things that help. It’s not the time to talk about that, but I’m doing everything I can to try to play this tournament in the best possible conditions. I don’t know what can happen afterwards honestly.”

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