Rafael Nadal reveals advice he is always giving to younger population

Record 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal says it is extremely important to be surrounded by the right people. Nadal, 36, has faced many difficult moments over the course of his career but giving up was never an option for him.

Nadal was diagnosed with the Mueller-Weiss syndrome in 2005, a rare condition that causes severe arch pain on the inside of your mid- and hindfoot. Nadal has been battling foot pain for nearly two decades but still he has managed to make a great career for himself and maybe end up as the greatest player of all-time.

Now, Nadal is advising younger players to keep a good attitude and a positive spirit as he feels those two are one of the keys to success.

Nadal: I always advise to keep a good attitude and a positive spirit

“If I hadn’t had people guiding me on the right path, maybe I wouldn’t have had that spirit of perseverance and improvement.

Despite the adversities, I have always had a good attitude and a positive spirit, and that is something that we try to pass on to the young people. Because there will always be difficult moments, but the important thing is to accept them, work hard and look forward with optimism,” Nadal told Talento a bordo, per Sportskeeda.

Also, Nadal reflected on how he would describe the term “talent.” “Talent is something that I think people confuse a little bit,” Nadal explained. “For me, it’s not playing pretty or hitting the ball very hard.

Some have the talent to hit hard, others to not miss any ball, some to make a great cut and others to move very well. But in tennis, as in all sports, the ultimate goal is to win. Therefore, for me, the summary is clear: the one who wins is the one with the most talent.”

Meanwhile, Nadal has returned to the practice court and he is hoping to be ready for the Montreal Masters, which starts on August 7.

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