PSG: The president of Napoli issues an ultimatum to Fabien Ruiz

According to information from The Gazzetta dello Sport, the president of Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis was perfectly clear with his midfielder Fabian Ruiz. Except in the event of a transfer to Paris Saint-Germain, the Spaniard will have the choice to extend or be sent to the closet this season…

On the side of Naples, the sporting philosophy is clear, when a player finds himself in his last year of contract, he can either decide to extend or agree to spend the season outside the professional group. Striker Arkadiusz Milik had experienced this before joining Olympique de Marseille in January 2021. Attacking midfielder Fabian Ruiz could experience the same fate.

Courted by Paris Saint-Germain, who are currently struggling to agree with the Azzurri, the Spanish international sees his options reduced for the coming season. And its president Aurelio De Laurentiis gave him a perfectly clear ultimatum, reveals The Gazzetta dello Sport. If he does not join PSG, and refuses to extend, Ruiz will be banned, and will not be on the list of the club partenopei to compete in the Champions League.

While he has so far refused all the proposals provided by the Campanian formation to extend, Ruiz could find himself back against the wall. Three months before the World Cup, the former Betis Sevilla would not really have an interest in joining the closet, given the strong competition present in the midfield of the Spanish team.

In any case, the discussions could quickly resume, while the 26-year-old player and his agents have not, for the moment, made the slightest offer on the Neapolitan management office.

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