PSG: Insulted, Neymar declares war on Mbappé

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PSG: Insulted, Neymar declares war on Mbappé

Published on May 6, 2023 at 06:00

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Neymar would always be up against Kylian Mbappé. After the penaltygate episode at the start of the season, a new controversial like could rekindle tensions between the two stars. Insulted by Parisian supporters in front of his home, the Brazilian player responded on social networks, but also by liking certain messages, one of which directly concerns Mbappé.

Last September, Kylian Mbappé announced the color about his relationship with Neymar. “ We’ve always had a relationship like that, based on respect, but sometimes with colder and warmer moments. It’s the nature of our relationship that’s like that he had declared. The balance had tipped severely towards the cold at the start of the season after the penaltygate episode. On social networks, Neymar had not hesitated to like certain messages claiming that he was a better shooter than his teammate.

Neymar indirectly attacks Mbappé

Insulted at his home on Wednesday evening, Neymar did it again, liking several messages aimed at Parisian supporters, but also one aimed directly at Kylian Mbappe. “ This PSG team is the worst in recent years. For what ? Because they renewed their prince (Mbappé) for an extraordinary amount. The same prince who caused the UCL elimination, who had an easy pass for Neymar but made a pass to the keeper against Bayern. He thinks he’s god now wrote a certain Ofuiclear on Instagram.

What is the origin of the conflict?

Nothing to fix the situation between Mbappe And Neymar. Close when they arrived at PSG in 2017, the two players have distanced themselves in recent months. The reason ? According to some sources, Neymar learned that Mbappe demanded his departure PSG during the last summer transfer window. Since then, the ties have loosened. And their relationship should not heat up, especially since Neymar continues to be announced on departure.

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