Pro D2 – The nugget: a Justin Bouraux (Oyonnax) to run Grenoble

Replacing against Grenoble for the Pro D2 final, Justin Bouraux has found his place in the rotation of Oyonnax. He confirmed throughout the season that he embodied the next generation of the Ain club as an opener.

Young, Justin Bouraux hurtled down the slopes at full speed, skilfully handling the stick plant. Like many kids from the Jura. But he is a native of Saint-Claude, a land of rugby in the mountains. So he also grew up with an oval ball in his hands. The opener followed the classic course of young people in the area. In minimal, he left to play in Oyonnax, 30km further south-west. He studied with a certain Enzo Reybier, also trained in Saint-Claude, with whom he is close and with whom he dreamed of making a professional score sheet in the jersey of Oyo. For his debut with the big boys, the winger will not be at his side. On the lawn of Carcassonne, January 14, 2022, Justin Bouraux began by seeing one of his kicks blocked, a seven-point error. A blunder compensated by a millimeter kick leading to the bonus test. Brought that day to make up for the absences of Jules Soulan and Yohan Le Bourhis, he took the place of second in the rotation, forcing him to go into exile in Nevers for the season. After five match sheets last season – he was on the bench in the play-offs and in the semis in particular – he has fully entered the rotation this season. He played 25 games, including 14 as a starter, presenting himself as a credible alternative to Jules Soulan, see more.

He’s a classy player.”

In the semi-final, against Vannes, Justin Bouraux was preferred to Jules Soulan. The former Columérain, victim of a sprained knee at the end of March in Grenoble, had not played since his injury. We are lucky to have a lot of competition. We thought it was more interesting to play with Justin and to have Jules on the bench, even if he did a good rehabilitation.justified Oyonnaxiens coach Joe El-Abd, on the eve of the Pro D2 final. Too much pressure ? Not enough experience? Jules Soulan (20) does not seem to have achieved his best performance. Like his partners, he was heckled by the panache of the Bretons, who came without complexes to Ain. Not necessarily inspired in the current game, the opener missed a transformation and a penalty just before half-time, at a time when Oyo would have taken a little lead on the scoreboard (16-15). The Jurassien match ended in the 53e minute. On his last action, in a drop position, he committed a forward. He was replaced by Jules Soulan who made the difference with a try and two penalties.

But for his English coach, the flyhalf had a good game, fulfilling his contract: Did he miss his performance? I don’t know. He missed two kicks, including one from 40m to the side that hits the post. If you watch the game, we had a lot of chances to score. The job of the ten is to put his team in the opposition’s five meters and he did it.” Whatever, this meeting will have allowed Justin Bouraux to accumulate valuable experience, he who is seen as the next generation for the position of opener within his club: “He played big games as a starter. At 20, he already has two final stages in his legs. It’s great for us, for the future. He’s a classy player, it shows in training. Those who play with him say so. He can unblock situations. He has confidence and him, and he has that of the group. We are proud to have Justin with us, someone trained in our region. “The native of Saint-Claude will be on the bench against Grenoble, number 10 being Jules Soulan’s priority. Will he be the executioner of Isérois?

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