Pro D2 – Soyaux Angoulême wins its maintenance at the end of the suspense!

Pro D2 – Despite the 33 to 31 defeat, Soyaux Angoulême achieved the feat of saving themselves in Pro D2 thanks to a last minute try! While the Angoumoisins had a foot in the National for a large part of the evening, this outcome is more than positive for the formation of Vincent Etcheto who will have perfectly managed his match against the leader of the championship.

End clap for this regular season of Pro D2 at the Charles Mathon stadium! If the Aindinois were serene about their future because they were sure to finish in first place, the Charentais were in a situation that could be described as unstable. Indeed, the formation of Vincent Etcheto pointed at the kick-off at the 14th place in the championship, 4 points ahead of the first relegated Carcassonne. Under these conditions, the deal was simple: pocket at least one point to save yourself. If such a scenario were not to come true, the Angoumoisins would no longer have their destiny in their hands. They would then have to hope that Carcassonne, which hosted Provence Rugby, did not win with the offensive bonus point. In short, the conditions were special with this ranged battle which gave us many emotions!

Oyonnax manages, Angoulême in the red zone

Thunderbolt on the heads of Angoumois when returning to the locker room! Halfway through this meeting, it was Vincent Etcheto’s men who were demoted to National since in this distance fight with Carcassonne, events were not favorable to them. On the one hand because the game seemed to go too fast on the side of Charles Mathon where the Oyonnaxiens scored 3 tries. On the other hand, because Carcassonne was also able to register 3 tries synonymous with an offensive bonus point. Under these conditions, Soyaux Angoulême therefore had a foothold in National halfway through this 30th and last day of Pro D2. Luckily Mau and Botica had been able to show themselves as opportunists by scoring two tries that were a source of hope for the Charentais who had to remain mobilized until the end to achieve the feat of saving themselves!

From dream to nightmare

The return to the lawn of the SA XV was effective! On the dismissal, the ball was recovered then, after a few effective pick and go, Avei, for his last as a professional, dived into the in-goal to bring his team up to Oyonnax (21 to 21). Galvanized by this comeback with fanfare, the Charentais still suffered the backlash by conceding a try a minute later. Raynaud, in a style similar to Avei, allowed the Oyomens to take control and therefore send Soyaux Angoulême to the National (28 to 21).

Burst of pride at the last minute

As the rain made its appearance on Charles Mathon, the game went down a notch in terms of intensity. The clumsiness of each other no longer allowed the attackers to tell the difference. In that game, it was the visitors who took advantage of it first by reducing the penalty mark (28 to 24, 47th). But while this part was sinking little by little into a false rhythm, Lebreton, carried by his partners, concluded with a try a magnificent penetrating group, devastating for the morale of the Angoumoisins who found themselves trailing 33 to 24 (73rd). But it was without counting on a last burst of pride which the supporters of the SA XV will remember for a long time. To the 79th, after several minutes of pounding, Martins found the fault to score a liberating try in force (33 to 31) which made the entire Angoumois team jump for joy!

Retention in the pocket and semi-final

Overjoyed, the people of Charente exulted at the final whistle of a grueling season! At the end of the end, they managed to get a support which, throughout the evening seemed to flee them. Opposite, the Oyonnaxiens recorded a 23rd victory this season, bringing their nest egg to 111 points. From now on, the formation of Joe El Abd can switch to “final stages” mode with a crucial match to be negotiated at home on May 20, either against Nevers or against Vannes. For its part, Soyaux Angoulême can go on vacation with their heads held high with this 14th place and their 52 points gleaned along the way.

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