Pro D2 – Relegation of Carcassonne to the National: “When you start a season, you don’t expect that”, reacts Samuel Marques

This Friday evening, long before the final whistle at Domec, all Carcassonne residents had understood it, Soyaux-Angoulême and its defensive bonus at Oyonnax (33-31) sent USC to National. Neither Jean-Marc Aué, nor Étienne Herjean, nor Samuel Marques managed to achieve. reactions.

Jean-Marc Aué: “I am committed and I will keep my word”

“(long breath)… What’s hard is that the players did what was necessary in this last match. They made the effort, we thought we could control everything and save ourselves. I’m sorry because the players and managers have put things in place to save us. I will be the manager next season, but I did not plan to be in National. It’s true. I’m a man of his word and I’m going to commit. But I hadn’t thought of that future.”

We said to ourselves that we had to master our evening and that’s what we did from A to Z. Afterwards, we knew that we were not dependent on our destiny, we knew the will of Soyaux-Angoulême to seek a point in Oyonnax. We were hooked on this decision and the outcome is negative for us. We can only suffer.

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Étienne Herjean: “I don’t realize at all”

“We knew that in any case, we needed the attacking bonus to continue to exist. But even with the 5 points, everything would depend on the match at Oyonnax. And at the end of the match, we were told that Soyaux had taken one point and the other game was over. So it was clear, we knew we wouldn’t be playing in Pro D2 next season. It’s a huge blow.

I don’t know if it’s a disaster scenario, we still had a different face at the end of the season. But we shoot ourselves twice in the foot by losing against Massy and Soyaux at home. From there, it’s complicated even if we managed to beat big teams. The lesson is that we were not masters of our destiny and the outcome is not in our favor.

I don’t realize at all, I imagined so much to finish in style with a dream scenario. It’s really difficult…”

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Samuel Marques: “When you start a season, you don’t expect that”

“Soyaux-Angoulême also deserves it, they will seek a point from the undisputed leader of Pro D2. They are having a remarkable season where they have not let go of their game philosophy. We did what was necessary but that did not pay.

I’m sorry for the fans. It’s complicated, it’s a hard blow… when you start a season, you don’t expect that. When you’re in a negative spiral, it’s hard to get out of it. The blow fell and it had been hanging over us for a while now. We flirted with this area. We had the opportunity to take shelter and we didn’t. Despite the work done on this game, it’s a huge blow.

When you are a competitor, you do not want to see the club in which you play go down. We will still have a few drinks together because the season has been long, very complicated. Very hard. And it ends in the worst way.”

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