Pro D2: here is the scenario that would send USON Nevers directly to the semi-finals

Fifth before the start of the last day of the championship, the Neversois can still finish from second to fifth place. A scenario would allow them to receive in the semi-finals.

To go to the semi-finals…

Fifth at kick-off, USON can still hope to qualify directly for the semi-finals, but that does not depend solely on their result. It must beat Montauban by taking an offensive bonus and count on a victory without a bonus from Vannes in Grenoble. It is also necessary that Mont-de-Marsan does not take five points when receiving Rouen, which has nothing more to play for. Leader, Oyonnax, which hosts Angoulême, is already guaranteed to receive in the semi-finals.

To receive in dam…

A victory, even without a bonus, against Montauban will allow USON to receive in the play-off, insofar as Grenoble and Vannes are opposed. In the event of a bonus defeat, the USON could also receive in the barrage, if Vannes does not take a point in Grenoble and if Agen wins, without an offensive bonus, in Béziers.

Fight to maintain

Massy is already relegated. Two clubs are still affected by relegation: Soyaux-Angoulême, in a favorable position, and Carcassonne. Only one scenario saves Carcassonne: a bonus victory for USC, at home against Aix-en-Provence, combined with a defeat without a bonus for Soyaux-Angoulême at Oyonnax.

In the event of a tie, the teams are separated as follows: – field points on the confrontations directions; then general goal-average; then particular goal-average; then greater difference between the number of tries scored and conceded in direct confrontations; then the biggest difference between the number of tries scored and conceded in the competition…

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