Pro D2 – Christian Labit (Carcassonne): “A descent is often a blessing in disguise”

This Friday evening at Albert-Domec, Christian Labit played his last meeting as manager of US Carcassonne. A ruined evening despite the victory, Carcassonne will play in National next year.

For your last meeting with USC as manager, how do you feel after the verdict of the evening?

It’s very cruel. Inevitably, an immense disappointment invades us. Honestly, I’m not really surprised by this outcome. I knew that our boys were going to do the maximum, we had confidence in our players, they rose to the challenge perfectly by obtaining the victory with five points. But on the other hand, when you depend on someone else’s result, it’s always complicated. Soyaux-Angoulême took the defensive bonus and managed to save himself bravo! In the end, we finished tied with Soyaux. We go down in National unlike the ground points. It’s hard and cruel at the same time. I also realize that it is the two smallest budgets that go down. In a way, there is a certain logic.

Vincent Etcheto declared after the meeting that “Provence-Rugby was going to come in flip flops to Carcassonne, we could only count on ourselves in Oyonnax”. What do you think ?

We, too, could only count on ourselves. I also wonder if Oyonnax played with crampons. Apart from a home defeat in Mont-de-Marsan, Oyonnax has averaged thirty points at home. This evening (Friday), Oyonnax almost lost and still took thirty points. Honestly, we’re not going down tonight. There were these games lost at home, I think the one against Massy at the start of the season (17-20 defeat on October 7, 6th day), the one against Soyaux -Angoulême in February (15-20 defeat on February 17) is the consequence of a very difficult season.

On the first day, you said the season would be difficult. You were not mistaken?

In the off-season, remember, we had to rebuild a group. We had an influx of quality players, but it always takes time to adapt. During this time of adaptation, we lost points. On the other hand during the season, we lose Tim Agaba, then Nick Grigg, two essential players in the group. We had to compose, find solutions, work urgently. It’s true since the first day and the trip to Colomiers, I knew the season was going to be tough.

Was that really your last game tonight with USC?

Absolutely, tonight was my last game as a Carcassonnais. Now it is Jean-Marc Aué who takes responsibility for the club.

About the future of Carcassonne?

You have to accept to play a level below, you have to accept this descent. I know that players will leave, others will arrive, others will stay. I am convinced that the club will bounce back. A descent is often a blessing in disguise.

And what about Christian Labit?

For the moment, nothing is recorded, but I have a few leads. I’m thinking. If I commit it will be to an ambitious project.

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