Pro D2 – Aurillac unfolds against Biarritz and ends the season on a positive note

Pro D2 – Aurillac and Biarritz clashed this Friday evening, in a match without stake counting for the 30th and last day of the regular phase of the championship. In front of his home crowd of Jean Alric, Stade Aurillacois got the better of his Biarritz counterpart, 38-12. The locals had a great first period as they led 31-12 at the break. They then managed in the second half.

Beaten during the last two days, Stade Aurillacois ended the season on a positive note by winning against Olympic Biarritz. In this match between two teams from the soft underbelly of the division, the locals were serious and won with the offensive bonus 38-12. They thus offered a great outing to Jimmy Yobo or Albert Valentin, to name but a few. Aurillac ends the season in tenth place in the standings. Biarritz, with a seventh defeat in a row, finished eleventh, far from the top six he coveted.

This Aurillac-Biarritz had no sporting stakes and it showed. The meeting, rather open, gave rise to a festival of tests and a river score. At the Jean Alric stadium, it was the Biarrots who struck first, when the three-quarter center Auguste Cadot came to concretize a highlight of his team in the opposing 22 meters (0-7, 6th). Aurillac’s response was quick. She arrived at the quarter of an hour of play, on a ball carried dominating and concluded by the captain Didier Tison (7-7,15th).

Aurillac did the hard part before the break

For this last of the season, the Aurillacois Stadium, in front of its public, then accelerated. Dominant in closed scrum, the local club gradually gained the upper hand over its host. Jean-Baptiste Singer, following a great breakthrough from Christa Powell, gave his team the advantage (14-7, 20th), then Biarritz was forced to play for ten minutes at fourteen, since Ilian Perraux logically received a yellow card (25th) for committing a voluntary forward on a pass from Neisen for Valentin, who was on trial. Mr. Chereque, at the same time, awarded a penalty try to Aurillac (21-7, 25th).

Biarritz reacted half an hour into the game, with a try from Clément Renaud on the ball carried (21-12, 29th), but Aurillac scored ten new points during his numerical superiority. First, Marc Palmier passed a penalty (24-12, 33rd), then AJ Coertzen, well served by Mikheil Alania, planted the sixth try (already) of the evening (31-12, 35th). The Basque club finished this first period better, but it came up against a good defense from Aurillac who, despite the yellow card received by Didier Tison (40 + 1st, anti-game) did not give in before the break.

Jimmy Yobo and Albert Valentin go out the front door

If the first period was lively and pleasant to see, the same cannot be said for the second. Indeed, little by little, the match fell into a false rhythm, the faults multiplied on each side and it was not until the 75th minute to see the score evolve. On this action, while Aurillac chained playing time in the opposing 22 meters, the second line Mehdi Slamani overthrew the Basque defense (38-12, 75th).

Otherwise ? Few things to report, except that Aurillac continued its domination in closed scrum and that Biarritz was very sterile ball in hand. The Basques, without energy, never really undermined the local defense and did not score a single point in the second half. Finally, we will remember from this end of the match the outings of Jimmy Yobo and Albert Valentin, applauded by the public of Jean Alric and who, with this final victory, ended their adventure in Cantal in the best way.

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