Pogba’s message after his injury and the affair with his brother!

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Paul Pogba is going through a period of doubts. The French midfielder has been in the headlines since the videos of his older brother Mathias, accusing him in particular of having used a marabout to cast a spell against Kylian Mbappé. For his part, the Juventus Turin player has filed a complaint for extortion and accuses armed men of having wanted to steal 13 million euros from him. Justice has even opened an investigation to shed light on his facts.

Beyond this extra-sporting controversy, Paul Pogba had to have knee surgery. This injury should, unless the situation turns around, deprive him of the World Cup. On its social networks, “La Pioche” wanted to be reassuring: ” I hope that you all are ok. I’m fine, thank god the operation went very well. We will recover, we will come back very quickly. I wanted to thank you all for your messages and support. Know that mentally it is fine despite all the worries, the injury and the other problems. We keep our heads up, I’m not alone, we have the very high with us and we will move forward. A big thank you to all for your messages for your support. »

to summarize

Paul Pogba had to undergo an operation on his meniscus and will miss the next few weeks of competition. The French midfielder posted a message on social media to reassure him about his physical and mental state.

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