Pierre Aristouy (Nantes): “Some are in denial”

“How do you envisage this trip to Lille in your critical situation, after 13 unsuccessful matches?
The idea is to make a match like in Toulouse (0-0, May 14), with a slightly sharper side than we didn’t have then over time. Perhaps in the current context, and against a team with a very clear, very established game, it is better for us to have a slightly more compact, solid team, even if it means being lower, rather than exposing ourselves. .

Physically, can your team respond?
We tried to make the sessions a little closer to the reality of the competition. Athletically, it’s better, it’s not perfect yet but it’s linked to an extended season and the lead. There have been many positive deadlines this year in the cuts, positive projections and once they have passed, it was necessary to seek resources for a motivation that does not generate the same feeling.

“Now it’s about remembering what they did well, taking charge of the situation and finding the men”

How to relieve headaches after Montpellier?
We made a video return to Montpellier. Afterwards, we mustn’t stay too long on this, we must remind them through concrete examples that they have been able to do very good things over the past two years, they are capable when the event is major, and there, it is to consider the two events which await us (Lille then the reception of Angers) as major.

With images of highlights?
A video is ready, with moments of performance and complicity. Afterwards, if that was the solution, everyone would do it. Can it have a positive influence? The first thing I said to players this week was that in order to be able to fully commit to a mission, you have to accept the situation, not be in denial. And I have the feeling that some are in denial to tell themselves that they are playing maintenance, whereas three months ago they were playing Juve, and a month ago the final of the Coupe de France .

There is a phase between being aware of the situation, and accepting it in order to commit. If I look at Auxerre and us last weekend, I say to myself, Auxerre has much better mental dispositions, it seems. The big difference is that they are programmed since the 1st day to live this kind of moments. Us, originally, not necessarily, and even less after experiencing euphoric moments. There, there is a brutal fall, four days from the end, we must put ourselves in the same arrangements as Auxerre for 36 days. Now it’s about remembering what they did well, taking responsibility for the situation and finding the men. »

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