Phoenix Suns NBA All-Star Chris Paul talks about his plant-based diet

Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul, aka CP3, is 37 years old and in his 18th season of professional basketball. Last year, he led his Arizona team to the top of the Western Conference and the year before that, to the NBA finals. He’s also a 12 time All-Star and 10 time All-NBA player.

So, what’s his secret? Among many, he attributes his energy and longevity in the game to his plant-based diet, which has been getting quite a bit of national attention lately in GQ magazine, VegNews magazine and a recent endorsement of JUST Egg.

In a statement to The Arizona Republic, Paul said that he is plant-based not vegan. While vegan people eat a plant-based, they typically also avoid using products made from animals in all avenues of life, including attracts.

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