“Pass or Pursue” on 2 proposed Jerami Grant trades

When it comes to the Boston Celtics, all focus should really be geared towards the future.

The C’s have gone to four different Eastern Conference Finals in the last six years and just finished this past regular season off with a 51-31 record and the second seed in the conference, so it’s easy to forget that they’re still quite a young team spearheaded by two players 25 and under in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, but, nevertheless, this core still has time well on their side to build themselves into a potential dynasty.

That said, time can breeze by pretty fast, and the roster surrounding these two aforementioned cornerstones could still use some fine-tuning if they truly wish to be year in and year out contenders.

While some are under the impression that all the front office needs to do is execute a few small, yet potentially impactful transactions to better fill out the rotation, many others out there believe that Brad Stevens and co. should look to acquire one more star-caliber player to formulate the league’s newest Big-3.

From megastar guards like Damian Lillard to franchise big men like Karl-Anthony Towns, we’ve seen a bevy of talents linked as being potential targets for the Celtics to have come in and serve as a third main cog within the lineup.

Just recently, the folks at NBA Analysis Network dipped their toes into the third-star conversation and concocted 2 trades Boston should consider pursuing for Detroit Pistons stud power forward, Jerami Grant.

With this, it inspired us at the Houdini to push out another installment of our favorite series we like to call “Pass or Pursue”, where we take proposed ideas pertaining to the franchise and discuss whether Boston should avoid having them become a reality or if they should actively try to make them happen.

So, without further ado, let’s get started:

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