Outspoken NASCAR Fans Accuse Teresa Earnhardt of Power Move and Changing Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Throwback Scheme

Dale Earnhardt Jr. hasn’t shied away from talking about Teresa Earnhardt and their rocky relationship in the past. He did it just last year on his podcast when he revealed how she had prevented him and his sister from accessing some of their father’s prized possessions. That contentious history is the reason why many fans this week were outspoken and accused her of getting involved and forcing the change to a throwback scheme for a car that is special to Junior. Did it happen?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. raced against his dad for first time in Japan

Dale Earnhardt Jr. grew up watching his dad dominate on the track. You can only imagine the excitement and anxiety he experienced that first time he had the opportunity to test his skills against his legendary father. It happened in 1998 at an exhibition race in Japan.

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