“Only an armband on the arm”, Valentin Rongier puts an end to the Payet controversy

Move along, nothing to see. This is, in essence, the message sent by OM midfielder Valentin Rongier at a press conference before the match against his former club, FC Nantes, on Saturday (9 p.m.), after Dimitri’s controversial entries. Payet against Reims, then against Brest.

OM number 10 did not grab the captain’s armband held out by Valentin Rongier against Reims, then by Mattéo Guendouzi against Brest. “I think it doesn’t matter, it’s just an armband on the arm. I saw him come in, I gave it to him. He made me understand that it was good for the end of the match, that it didn’t matter. We know that Dim ‘is our captain, he manages the ship even without an armband,’ put the midfielder into perspective.

Only thirty minutes of play for Payet

Not established in the first two games of the season, Dimitri Payet is not necessarily satisfied with this status. But not enough to undermine his morale, according to Valentin Rongier. “I assure you, Dimitri is still as involved with the group as ever. He is the captain of our team and he takes this role to heart. Of course he doesn’t like being on the bench, like all players, he does what he does to come back and we know he will help us this season, ”wanted to reassure the midfielder.

Except that with barely thirty minutes of play played in Ligue 1 since the resumption, Dimitri Payet risks quickly showing other signs of annoyance.

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