OM: “a machine”, “a real warrior”… Rami presents Kabor

Loan with option to buy by Manchester City, the right piston Issa Kabor will try to launch his career definitively with Olympique de Marseille. The former partner of Burkinab Troyes, central defender Adil Rami, did not hesitate to promote himself to fans of the Marseille club.

Issa Kabor could explode OM.

Will the third be the right one for Issa Kabor (21)? Recruited by Manchester City in 2020, the right-back was again loaned by the English club. After Mechelen and Troyes, the Burkinabe will try their luck with Olympique de Marseille.

A much higher market for the native of Bobo-Dioulasso, for whom a purchase option of 20 million euros has been set.

A.Rummy – it will hurt

Quite unknown to the general public despite a consistent season with ESTAC, the new Marseille saw his former partner in Aube, Adil Rami (36), make his presentation. And one thing is certain: the central defender holds him in very high esteem. For those who hear lining, it hurt but the right side of Marseille is overpowering. For 90 minutes it will hurtexplained the French world champion on Snapchat, in reference to his competition with Jonathan Clauss, also arrived on the Canebire this summer.

It’s a machine, a soldier as you like them. The guy does not speak, does not flinch, takes blows and gets up. He’s not afraid to go to duelcontinued the 2011 French champion, impressed by the resilience of his ex-teammate. On the contrary, he gallops. I tried to teach him defensively on certain positions but he still has a lot of room for improvement. But he runs, motherfucker. The change on the pistons, right side, Olympique de Marseille, is going to hurtpromised the Southerner.

A pressure-tight player

For Rami, Kabor chose the ideal place to launch his career definitively. Despite the special context at the resident of the Velodrome, the stallion has the profile to withstand the pressure. He doesn’t give a damn about the critics’ steaks, he’s there, mentally strong. He’s a real soldier, a real warrior. He’s not afraid, we should call him ‘not afraid’, finished the player passed by ACMilan. A dithyrambic presentation which should reassure Marseille fans. It’s up to Kabor to show that he can be much more than just a double.

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