“Of course we can exclude Real Madrid from the Champions League”

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin gave the team an interview and opened the door to heavy sanctions against Real, Barça and Juventus.

Why they didn’t sanction the 3 clubs if they have the free way : “The Madrid judge’s decision can be appealed. When the process is over, we can act.”

A sanction against Real, who can win the Champions League, is imaginable? “It’s possible to do that against any club. An exclusion from the competition? Of course it’s possible. But it’s the UEFA Disciplinary Committee, which is independent, that will decide that.”

Punishments : “The rules are the same for everyone. And if I comment on what people say every day… They complain that UEFA makes millions when 93.5% of the income goes to the clubs. How explain when no one is listening? Believe me or not, but all clubs get the same treatment. Whether they’re Slovenian, meaning from my country, or the big names in European football.”

If he sees the UCL as a Super League : “Having more clubs and more matches is not a Super League. The Super League is always having the same clubs playing among themselves.”

His friendship with Nasser Al-Khelaifi : “It was not me he helped. He helped football by opposing the Super League. If it had worked, it would have affected everyone, including PSG. He is intelligent and he understands that. I respect him. He is a valuable member of the UEFA Executive Committee.”

His doubts about the VAR : “That there is an offside whistle for 5 millimeters, it is always a problem for me. If you have a big nose or big feet, it is penalizing for you. And I have a problem with your hands. No one understands. We need to clarify that.”

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