Nigeria captain accused of inventing his club, Yum Yum FC

Captain of the Nigeria Under-20 team, which is currently playing in the World Cup, Daniel Bameyi would play for Yum Yum FC. A club… that doesn’t exist. His place in selection could thus be linked to the connections of his agent.

Nigeria would have done without this bad publicity, on the eve of an enticing duel against Brazil. Off to a good start in their Under-20 World Cup, with two successes in two games, the Flying Eagles are carried by their captain Daniel Bameyi, their 17-year-old defender. Already summoned with selection A, he nevertheless declares to evolve in Yum Yum FC, a team which does not seem to exist, to be able to participate in the competition.

According to the local press which took up the case, no club actually bears this name in Nigeria or Abuja, where it would be based, while no data is available about it either on the various sites. specialized. However, that did not prevent him from being called up last March during the A selection rally, without playing, a few months after celebrating his first cap, in a heavily reworked team.

His presence at this level would thus be explained by the work of his agent, who would have managed to place him at this level thanks to his connections with the federation, as explained So walk. Bameyi would actually play in a district championship. Nicknamed the ‘General’, his matches at the CAN U20 last March were criticized. However, this did not prevent him from playing the tournament with the armband around his arm and without being challenged, which could confirm the theory of a selection ordered by the federation.

“I have to choose players in whom I trust”, justifies his coach

Asked about the reasons for his call for this World Cup, his coach José Peseiro did not expand on the subject. “I chose him because he is a great defender, there are players of the same level, but I have to choose players I trust,” he briefly justified.

Author of a remarkable performance during Nigeria’s victory against Italy (2-0) after a first victory against the Dominican Republic (2-1), Bameyi will take his country to the round of 16, why not against France . Before that, the captain’s performance at the ghost club against Brazil, this Saturday evening, should be particularly scrutinized.

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