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During the success of OGC Nice against AS Saint-Etienne (4-2) on Wednesday in Ligue 1, several supporters du Gym sang a song to make fun of the death of former Nantes player Emiliano Sala after the defeat against FC Nantes (0-1) on Saturday in the Coupe de France final. Shameful behavior fustig by Christophe Galtier and Antoine Kombouar.

Christophe Galtier turned on the “fans” concerned.

He’s an Argentinian, who doesn’t swim well, Emiliano underwater, Emiliano underwater. In the 9th minute of the match against AS Saint-Etienne (4-2) on Wednesday in Ligue 1, several supporters from OGC Nice hijacked a song, usually sung in tribute, to make fun of the death of former Nantes player Emiliano Sala after the Coupe de France final lost to FC Nantes (0-1) on Saturday.

A shameful behavior, which was quickly officially condemned by the two clubs concerned in press releases.

Galtier’s XXL rant!

At the same time, Gym coach Christophe Galtier also spoke to the media. Shocked by such attitudes, the former coach of Lille did not mince his words by pushing a real rant. I have no adjective to define what I heard. One of the first reactions in the locker room was not chants, shouts of joy, or relief. It was to talk about what the players heard. I know the club intervened through a press release. On behalf of my locker room, my technical staff, my medical staff, the players, we would like to apologize to the family of Emiliano Sala and to FC Nantes.insisted the native of Marseille, before continuing.

You can hear a lot of things in a stadium. I’m talking about a few people, but people who nevertheless sang quite loudly and there weren’t just three of them. And if they’re not happy, they just show up at training camp, I’ll tell them the same thing. It is sometimes said that what we see in the stadium is a reflection of society: if it’s our society, we’re really screwed! (…) What I heard is unacceptable. It’s surreal. I have no words. Let them stay at home! You can’t hear a in a stadium. If it’s to insult the dead, let them stay at home! If it’s to swing bottles, let them stay at home! We will win without these peoplefinished Galtier, furious, before leaving the press conference.

Kombouar scandalis

After Nantes’ victory in the derby against Rennes (2-1), Canaris technician Antoine Kombouar was also invited to comment on this controversy. Scandalis, the Kanak also held a strong speech. Human bullshit has no limits, I am outraged. I don’t know what to say because I would risk being very violent. These guys don’t give a shit in a stadium. We would have a as supporters, we should banish them. These are people who should no longer have their place in a stadiumhe estimated.

It is shameful. He left our Emiliano. I feel sorry for Emiliano’s family. I knew that sometimes the supporters could be violent, could be idiots but here they are really donkeys. There are no words to describe the bullshit of these people, a pest Kombouar. The stupidity of some fans of the OGCN could in any case have consequences with sanctions from the LFP if this song of shame was notified in the report of the referee.

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