Neymar’s scathing reply to Meunier’s pike

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In recent days, Neymar regularly finds himself at the center of controversy and decides not to remain silent by replying each time on social networks. His finger-pointing simulation against Osaka prompted Neymar to respond twice. But this is not the only story of the moment for the Brazilian.

For the past few hours, an exit from former PSG defender Thomas Meunier has been in the news. The Belgian indeed pointed the finger in the German press at a Neymar who would have “lost his magic” for some time at PSG.

For Neymar, Meunier is too talkative

An outing that did not please Neymar, who replied via his Instagram account. “Too talkative this boy”, dropped the decidedly offensive Brazilian star on social networks.

to summarize

While former PSG player Thomas Meunier has not spared Neymar in recent days, the Brazilian has responded to him. On social networks where he is very active, the Brazilian number 10 released a scathing response.

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