News: Pac-12-ESPN, Kuiper, McCourty, Diamond Sports

The Pac-12 and ESPN do not communicate on an agreement, the Oakland A let go Glen Cooper. More: Devin McCourty joins Football night in America and Diamond Sports is unlikely to make payment to Padres.

Pac-12 and ESPN are not close to an agreement

ESPN and the Pac-12 are not in “substantive” discussions regarding a new media rights deal, and its involvement in a possible deal is “unlikely”, the New York Post reported this week. ESPN, which is in the midst of widespread layoffs mandated by parent company Disney, has recently shown a willingness to part ways with core properties like the Big Ten and has also failed to pursue other high-profile properties, such as NFL Sunday. Ticket or the Premier League.

The company also exercised some restraint in the deals it struck, securing the Big 12 “A” package for a modest increase from the current deal and slashing its coverage of Major League Baseball for a royalty of reduced rights. With NBA rights negotiations looming, ESPN may not be able to extend what rights are considered incidental.

The Pac-12 has seen limited buyer interest in what will be a watered-down package with departures from USC and UCLA to the Big Ten. (New York Post 5.22)

Glen Kuiper absent as broadcaster of A

The Oakland A’s fired a play-by-play vote on Monday Glen Cooper more than two weeks after an on-air incident in which he uttered what sounded like a racial slur while describing a trip to the Negro League Baseball Museum. Kuiper apologized later on the show and later received a statement of support from the museum president Bob Kendrick.

In a statement on Monday evening, Kuiper said: “I will always struggle to understand how a mistake in a 20-year career in broadcasting is grounds for dismissal, but I know something better is in my future. .” (NBC Sports California 5.22)

Devin McCourty goes to Football Night in America

Recently retired NFL S Devin McCourty joined NBC Sports as an analyst for Football night in America. He joins his brother Jason, who appears on NFL Network’s Hello Soccerentering the media space.

Last season, McCourty made appearances on The NFL today for CBS while still an active player.

McCourty works alongside the return Tony Dungy, Jason GarrettAnd Maria Taylor on the NBC pregame. (NBC 5.23)

Diamond could miss Padres’ next payout

There’s a “good chance” Diamond Sports Group will miss a May 30 rights payment to the San Diego Padres, returning the team’s broadcast rights to MLB, according to Sports Business Journal.

Diamond is still making payments to teams through ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, but is seeking to keep contracts with teams they find profitable while dropping contracts that aren’t.

If Diamond misses payments for other teams, MLB is prepared to take over the production and distribution of those games. (SBJ 5.22)

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