new blow for Campos, a priority track in defense moves away!

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Definitely, the PSG struggles to find its central defender. After courting Milan Skriniar throughout the transfer window, the capital club then inquired about Wesley Fofana but Leicester’s requests quickly cooled him down. Another track envisaged by Luis Campos: that leading to Mohamed Simakan.

Leipzig says no to PSG for Simakan!

But there still, the track will not succeed. As indicated by L’Equipe, Leipzig has warned the Portuguese that he will not give up the former Strasbourg player, due to lack of time to find his replacement. Contacts will nevertheless continue for a possible arrival next year, Campos being already a fan of the player when he officiated at LOSC.

Therefore, the Parisian sports adviser continues his search for a right axial defender and is still waiting for an answer from Inter Milan for Milan Skriniar. Other avenues have also been opened, but the daily ensures that “Paris will not buy to make up the numbers.”

to summarize

While the Milan Skriniar file is still at an impasse, Luis Campos has received a new stop in his search for a central defender. Indeed, Leipzig indicated that he was not a seller for the former Strasbourg player, Mohamed Simakan.

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