NBA stars go crazy after Leon Edwards knocks out Kamaru Usman

Several NBA stars were tuned in on Saturday’s UFC 278 fight between Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards, and sure enough, none of them expected the ending of the showdown.

Edwards Usman knocked out with a brutal head kick in the final minute of the contest, sending the whole sports world into a state of shock. Everybody knew Edwards had that fight in him, but to actually take him down like that? Now that is something fans didn’t see coming.

Minnesota Timberwolves superstar Karl-Anthony Towns was among the first of many athletes to express their shock on Leon Edwards’ KO of Kamaru Usman, and he didn’t need to say a lot to show how much of an upset it was.

Other NBA players like Precious Achiuwa, RJ Hampton and Jock Landale also shared their disbelief even though they were nearly at a loss for words to describe the results.

Meanwhile, some NBA athletes gave credit to Edwards for his incredible head kick and performance throughout. Early in the match, he looked like Usman was headed to another clear victory with how he controlled the fight.

Edwards did take down Usman in the first round, but after that, the story has been all about the 35-year-old champ and how he toyed around his opponent. With that, Usman probably never expected that savage kick to the head that ended things for him.

It’s certainly a well-deserved victory for Edwards, who avenged his 2015 loss to Usman. However, given the crazy end to the fight, fans will certainly be rarer for a rematch to see the two get at it again.

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