NBA experts think Quin Snyder’s Jazz exit positions him to be Popovich’s Spurs successor

The thought of a post-Pop Spurs era is a hard one to bear, but some NBA experts are putting a replacement scenario into the universe, whether diehards like the idea or not. Quin Snyder’s recent exit from his post as Utah Jazz head coach has the basketball world contemplating where he may land.

People like NBA correspondent Marc Stein and Keith Smith, who contributes to multiple sports outlets, think Snyder is a San Antonio fit to be Coach Gregg Popovich’s successor. It’s not a novel idea, Stein has been mentioning the scenario for a while.

“Utah makes it official and says Quin Snyder is leaving his post as Jazz coach. Snyder is widely expected to take a season off and then become one of the NBA’s most coveted coach candidates … and, as we’ve been writing since March, potentially Pop’s successor in San Antonio,” Stein’s Sunday tweet in response to Snyder’s exit says.

According to ESPN, the Jazz spent “weeks” trying to convince Snyder to stay, at one point offering him a contract extension, to no avail. He had a 372-264 record in his eight seasons in Utah. The 55-year-old has a commitment to teams that can be likened to that of respected coaches like Golden State Warriors’ Steve Kerr and you guessed it, Pop.

Snyder has the third-longest tenure with a team among active coaches, a spot he shares with Kerr. That’s behind Miami Heat’s Erik Spoelstra. Pop, who has coached the Spurs since December 1996, is the in No. 1 spot.

Like Pop in the 90s, Snyder took over a failing team in 2014. At that point, the Jazz was coming off a 25-57 season. He’s now expected to be a “high priority” candidate whenever he reenters the job hunt, ESPN says.

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