NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski calls out his former sponsor Miller Lite amid controversy over resurfaced Women’s History Month announcement

Looks like we won’t see Brad Keselowski back in a Miller Lite car anytime soon…

THE NASCAR driver and now team owner RFK Racing spent 11 years of his career driving Team Penske’s No. 2 car in the Cup Series, largely sponsored by Miller Lite.

But it looks like Keselowski isn’t happy with the current decisions made by his former sponsor.

Miller Lite recently came under fire on social media after redesigning an ad from earlier this year that featured comedian and actress Ilana Glazer criticizing beer companies for their use of women in bikinis in their advertising.

The ad, which was part of a Women’s History Month campaign, talks about women’s contribution to the beer industry and contrasts it with the modern practice of many beer companies of creating advertising campaigns featuring women in bikinis (obviously aimed at their predominantly male audience).

Miller Lite then encourages anyone in possession of this “bad shit” to send it in for the company to turn into “good shit”, promising to compost it and use the compost to grow hops and support women in brewing.

The campaign seemed to go largely unnoticed in March when the ad ran, but following the Bud Light Controversy and the boycott, it has since resurfaced and thrust Miller Lite into the limelight alongside Bud Light – a position they probably hoped to avoid.

Many have compared the campaign to Bud Light’s decision to partner with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Even Joe Rogan criticized Miller Lite’s decision on his podcast, calling the announcement “weird” and decrying “identity politics” that seeks to divide us into groups.

And now Brad Keselowski expresses his dissatisfaction with his former godfather and their spokesperson.

After another video surfaced of Glazer talking to Stephen Colbert and calling him the “model white man” and a “good version” of a white man, Keselowski expressed his disappointment in the company for having “drained” so many of its loyal drinkers in favor of their current leadership:

“The hardest part of watching this is knowing that millions of Loyal racing fans and beer drinkers have been dumped for this.

The second hardest part is figuring out how the friends I’ve made there over the years must be feeling.

Hopefully one day it will get better, very soon.

Damn. I didn’t expect BK to jump into the fray here, and especially didn’t expect him to speak out against a company he’s been so closely associated with for over a decade.

Guess we’ll have to keep an eye on Miller Lite sales and see if they’re doing like Bud Light over the last month.

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