Mrs. Abidal swings on her husband!

Almost six months after his separation from the former Barcelona, ​​Hayet Abidal made some confessions about this break.

The violent attack on Kheira Hamraoui in early November not only set fire to the Parisian locker room following the custody of Aminata Diallo, questioned by her teammate. It also led to the divorce of the Abidal couple. Consequence of the adulterous affair that Eric Abidal had with the PSG midfielder. A relationship updated by the survey.

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This time NO!

“It was a stab”, told Hayet Abidal to Magali Berdah. The decision to leave the 2006 World Cup finalist was not difficult to take. “I was so afraid to educate my five children without him”, she confided. But to believe it, the Lyonnaise had a good reason to leave her husband. This was not his first prank. “Yes, he had already cheated on me”she launched.

This revelation does not come as a surprise. Hayet Abidal had clearly hinted that her husband had already sinned in the past. “This time NO! »she had indeed replied when a subscriber had asked her during a question and answer session if she could forgive, adding shortly after that it was possible to forgive “if it’s for once”. ” The error is human “she added.

“Shame on you Eric Abidal. I gave you one last chance to apologize for the sh*t you put me in and you weren’t even able to apologize except to tell me that your mistress of three years you set a trap like many others. In short, you are NOT a victim. Liar, manipulator »she had launched shortly after ..

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