Mourinho refused to include a Roma player in the deal for Wijnaldum

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After a year at Paris-Saint-Germain, Georginio Wijnaldum (31) is on the way out and seems close to bouncing back on loan to AS Roma. While the Dutch midfielder still has two years of contract, the capital club is trying to find the best formula to amortize his important salary.

According to Il Messaggero, PSG would have tried to include the Polish Nicolas Zalewski in the deal, but it would be faced with the firm refusal of José Mourinho. The Italian media also explains that if Paris is ready to pay half of Wijnaldum’s salary, the desire to include a purchase obligation of 10 million euros is slowing down the negotiations for the moment. A little more patience before seeing Georginio Wijnaldum disembark among the Giallorossi.

PSG wanted Zalewski in exchange for Wijnaldum

to summarize

If discussions between Paris-Saint-Germain and AS Roma continue for the loan of Georginio Wijnaldum, José Mourinho has refused to include a player in the deal. According to Il Messaggero, it is Nicola Zalewski.

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