MotoGP Spain J1 VIDEO: a fight with Aleix Espargaró, two falls, a Pedrosa taxi but what’s going on with Marc Marquez (Honda / 19)?

On this first day of the Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez, there is a driver who has worried and it is Marc Marquez. The astonishment was at its height in an FP2 where he seemed lost, looking for wheels to set a time, until he got angry with the one who loathes the process, in this case Aleix Espargaró. But it wasn’t just that. There are also these two falls, certainly light, but suffered in two turns. In the end, an anonymous 19th time and questions, not only about his Honda, but also about the driver…

Mark Marquez lived a waking nightmare during this Friday of the Spanish Grand Prix. The FP2 was even one of the worst practice sessions of his wonderful career. What’s more, the fate was as relentless. Thereby, Mark Marquez fell into Dani Pedrosa and Ángel Nieto corners…and he was brought back to the pits by scooter with Dani Pedrosa on the handlebars!

First, Marc lost the front of his RC213V at turn 6 of the Andalusian track, formerly known as Dry Sack and later named Curva Dani Pedrosa, a mishap from which he quickly recovered, returning to the track without major problems. The Repsol Honda Team rider was only able to stay on his bike for a few meters, more precisely three corners… At turn number 9, at Curva Ángel Nieto, Marc slipped on a wet spot and could not control his bike despite the fact that his speed at that time was not high. He found himself with all four irons in the air without really understanding what had just happened to him. From there it was brought back to the Repsol box by who you know…

But it wasn’t just that. We also saw a Mark Marquez look for a wheel to do his time, which even annoyed his teammate Pol Espargaro and also Remy Gardner, clearly embarrassed. But it was when he wanted to do the same with Aleix Espargaro, that things got worse. The official Apriliaafter dealing with Alex Marquez in Austin, did not fail to say what he thought of Mark Marquez in Jerez…

Aleix Espargaro: Marc Marquez has been doing the same thing for a year: he wanders the track waiting for other runners, and it’s not normal

The pilot Aprilia thus sounds the charge: from the pictures you can clearly understand what happened. Marc has been doing the same thing for a year: he wanders around the track waiting for other drivers, and that’s not normal. Today Pol almost fell, then Gardner, then Oliveira, then me. He waited for me for a minute, I saw him at the end of the straight when I was a kilometer away. Why does he do it? I don’t understand but it’s a shame, it ruined my lap. The only explanation is that he lacks confidence : in 2020 he put us a second per lap, it seemed that he was racing against Moto2. Do we need an Aprilia in front to do a fast lap on Friday? It pissed me off a lot “.

Mark Marquez did not answer directly, but recounted his strange day thus: today, we took a little risk to try big things. In the morning, I rode with more or less the same bike to start building my rhythm because the track was not in the best conditions. In the afternoon I tried other things and unfortunately I fell on the machine I felt good with and couldn’t continue, then the second bike was a big change because we were trying some things and I didn’t feel good on it. We have to improve and close the distance with the leading men. Tomorrow is the day to go back to what we know, and take as much as we can before testing again on Monday. “.

Then he ends: this bike has to be ridden in a different way and I will have to adapt. I’m not worried, although I would certainly like to be in front. Espargarò complains? He should be proud when someone searches for his wake “. And the eight-time World Champion who needs one, how does he feel?

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