MotoGP France Le Mans J1: with Fabio Quartararo and Pecco Bagnaia the tone rises against the wheel suckers

The subject is not new and it was notably denounced with some vehemence by Aleix Espargaró and Pecco Bagnaia at the start of the season. But this time, this Friday at Le Mans, as part of the Grand Prix de France, it was the World Champion Fabio Quartararo who gave voice against the wheel suckers which seem to be definitely flourishing. The maneuver is observed under the magnifying glass in Moto3 while the recurrence of facts more and more noted leaves unmoved the same direction of race which seems to opt for impunity in the name of the nobility of the actors. But everything has a limit, and we seem to be close to it in this Grand Prix de France…

The intervention of Fabio Quartararo on the subject surprised. But it was very real: this has been a problem for some races before and still is today. If a driver makes a mistake, he doesn’t have to stay in the middle of the track if there’s someone behind, it’s embarrassing because everyone is overtaking. I do not agree with this situation. When I was in Moto3 I used MotoGP riders as an example, if we start doing that too, Moto3 will do the same. They penalize a lot in Moto3 but they don’t penalize anyone in MotoGP. I think there should be tougher penalties in MotoGP “.

Already convinced by the poor traffic management on the track, Pecco Bagnaiafifth on this first day on the Bugatti track takes the ball in stride: “ we have already talked about it in the security committee in Jerez: the situation is becoming ridiculous for me said the official Ducati. ” But the race direction tells us that making the penalties worse would be a double-edged sword, because once you slow down, you can also be penalized.

Pecco Bagnaia: when I cut the gas everyone did the same pretending not to see me

The 2021 vice-world champion adds : “come to think of it, the drivers who slow down are always the same, so I think it’s time to do something about it. Today I turned around after the first yellow flag and I had six bikes behind me, and when I cut the gas everyone did the same, pretending not to see me. This is not a MotoGP-worthy situation “.

And he recalls the facts, like their impact: “ in Argentina, during practice, I got nervous, because of the many riders following me, so I cut the gas after the straight and I moved aside: it was a less dangerous maneuver than it appeared there on television, but during the Portimao meeting, Deniz Oncu told race direction “Bagnaia did that, so we can do that too”, so they look for alibis to do it. We’ve come to this point “. Should we then change the qualifying procedure by taking the example of the Superpole on WSBK? Bagnaia rejects the idea: we are mature enough to solve the problem without he replies. We only ask to see.

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