MotoGP: Dani Pedrosa also went through Marc Marquez’s hospital and this is what he says

Dani Pedrosa, one of the legends of the Grands Prix who is enjoying semi-retirement as he works hard as a test rider at KTM, was not insensitive to the case of Marc Marquez at Mugello. And for good reason: injuries have marked his career, he knows the suffering and the moral strength it takes to overcome them. He even knows the American hospital where he went to do his last chance operation on his arm. And for good reason: he went there. Here’s what he thinks…

Dani Pedrosa was touched by the words of Mark Marquez during his press conference made on Saturday at Mugello after qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix. Because it also reminded him of his experience… “ I understand what Marc Marquez is going through he says on AS. ” Of course, every injury is different, but when I say I understand it, that means I understand the fears, the sufferings, the doubts, the uncertaintiesthe difficulty of staying there in this situation against others in optimal conditions… All champions, at one time or another, experience these moments “.

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Dani Pedrosa has mixed memories of the hospital where Marc Marquez is now

And when he went through this period, even thinking of stopping everything in the middle of the season, he went through this Mayo clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. And it had been an… unhappy experience. He says : ” it’s the same establishment I went to at the end of the last race of the previous season when I thought about quitting the competition. I went to Mayo for treatmentbut I did not find the answer I was looking for and I started the season, and there too I did not find the solution “.

What to worry about Mark Marquez ? AS asks him this question: is it the same doctor who treated him who will now operate Mark Marquez ? He answers : ” no, it was someone else “. We are almost reassured.

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