MotoGP Catalonia J1 Pecco Bagnaia (Ducati / 4): “it’s going to be hard and difficult”

It was a disgruntled Pecco Bagnaia who finished his Friday of the Catalunya Grand Prix. The official Ducati was nevertheless fourth, but he especially noted the gap with the two leading Aprilias. The reason ? The condition of the Montmélo track, he said, which most of his colleagues also found degraded. But the Italian is more vindictive. For him, it is dangerous.

Pecco Bagnaia is obviously not very happy to have been taken a little more than half a second by a Aprilia conducted by Alex Espargarowhich preceded another, that of his teammate Vinales. The last winner in Italy was also beaten by the GP21 of Bastianini. A disappointment that he attributed to the condition of the track located near Barcelona.

At the time of the balance sheet of the day, the team member of Jack Millerseventh, said: Aprilia is very competitive in these conditions, so they have an advantage at the moment. I have never ridden a motorcycle on a circuit with so little grip “, he fumes. ” When the asphalt was redone in 2018 it was black, today it is white. Maybe it’s the weather, the many track days or Formula 1 – I don’t know “.

Pecco Bagnaia: It may be dangerous

The 25-year-old driver adds on Speedweek: “ every year it gets worse here. But not a little, but much worse. It is difficult to quickly pass the turns, and also on the brakes “. And he makes this remark which is never insignificant in this competition: ” It may be dangerous ! At the moment, it is impossible to attack. It just doesn’t work because you have to pay attention to everything. Braking, exiting corners, accelerating. I can’t put pressure on myself in the corners because it has no grip. In the race, you will have to act strategically because the tire degrades quickly. It’s gonna be hard and difficult “. And for everyone.

Pecco Bagnaia does not leave good hair on the Barcelona circuit

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