Miscellaneous: Neymar’s friendly penalty sparked controversy in Brazil

During PSG / Gamba Osaka, Neymar obtained and converted a penalty in the first half. The controversy swelled dramatically in Brazil, where social networks and the local press rose up, believing that the PSG striker had simulated to get the blame. Raw exchanges ensued between the player and his clan as well as the local media.

The funny love story between Neymar and Brazil has experienced a new episode in recent hours. It is a fact of the game that had caused some talk in France, where a small controversy took place on social networks. It turns out that the penalty whistled in favor of PSG in the 30th minute and provoked by the Brazilian is not so clear as that, especially in the eyes of the media of the native country of the Parisian number 10, who had to deal with the People’s Court .

The fault in question is available here, at 6:15.

Thus, the Brazilian social networks and the media Globo denounced a non-existent penalty and a ” grotesque simulation from Neymar to get the Japanese defender foul. Faced with this, the PSG striker responded directly to the article shared on Twitter by attacking ” people who never kicked a ball and still do shitty stuff. »

If that wasn’t enough, Globo went one better by publishing a particularly bitter article against Neymar, with some jumbled quotes, given by the twittos Eridan75: a player who ” will never grow “, who go ” to shame Brazil during the World Cup ” and ” Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi would never react like this. »

Words that made Neymar Sr jump, who answered down to earth that the fault was very real, after he had it analyzed by a referee. The PSG striker then outbid, to conclude a controversy as useless as it is laughable.

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