Messi’s big return to Barcelona divides Catalan fans!

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Lionel Messi towards a big return to Barça in the summer of 2023? It is the crazy rumor that has been agitating the Catalan sphere for a few hours. Following Joan Laporta’s remarks opening the door for a return, Sport then announced that Xavi had requested Messi’s return when his contract with PSG ended in 2023.

A news which obviously had the effect of a bomb, and which does not fail to make the supporters react. On the side of Dallas, where Barça arrived for the continuation of its pre-season tour, President Laporta was able to verify the enthusiasm of certain supporters who did not hesitate to sing songs to the glory of Messi in front of the Catalan president.

Some fans don’t want Messi’s big comeback!

But the subject seems more complicated than that if we are to believe the trend on social networks. Accounts that follow Barça news on a daily basis have indeed polled supporters on the relevance of a return of Messi. And unanimity is not at all appropriate, with many supporters believing that Messi has had his day in Barcelona and is no longer part of the club’s project since his departure from PSG.

to summarize

For a few hours, the rumor of a great return of Lionel Messi to Barça has been agitating the comments. And on the side of Catalan supporters, unanimity is not really in order. While some would welcome Messi with open arms, other supporters are much more reserved.

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