Mercato: Saliba, a speech that weighs down OM’s hopes

After a superb season on loan for Arsenal centre-back William Saliba, Olympique de Marseille were hoping to keep the French international. But for his part, the former Stphanois obviously wants to win with the Gunners.

William Saliba is going to return to Arsenal.

William Saliba embodied one of the greatest satisfactions of the Russian season for Olympique de Marseille, 2nd in the final classification of Ligue 1 and directly qualified for the Champions League. Loaned without a purchase option by Arsenal, the central defender has passed a milestone in the colors of the Marseille club.

Named best hope of the L1 and become French international, the former Stphanois represented a clear objective for the phocen president Pablo Longoria at the approach of this summer transfer window.

W. Saliba – I will be the recovery with Arsenal

But this case looks very complex. Because after the Habs’ performance at OM, Gunners coach Mikel Arteta has already announced his intention to get him back. And for his part, Saliba obviously has the desire to impose himself within the London club. I belong to Arsenal, I still have two years left (of contract, note). I will be the recovery with Arsenalsaid the native of Bondy for the Tlfoot program this Sunday.

I played 0 Arsenal game, and I still want to show them my true face and have the chance to play for these supporters and this great club. But it’s not just up to me. Leaving like that, that would be a shame, said the young talent of 21 years. Tied to the recent 5th in the Premier League until June 2024, Saliba still risks claiming guarantees on his playing time to stay in London.

A blow for OM

But if Arteta agrees to really give him a chance, the Frenchman therefore seems on track to settle in Arsenal. Never appeared with the professionals under the colors of the English formation since his transfer for 30 million euros in July 2019, Saliba does not want to turn the page on a total failure.

Bad news in perspective for OM. Real boss of the defense three established by coach Jorge Sampaoli, the defender was recently presented as the absolute priority on this transfer window of the Argentine technician, who considers him irreplaceable. And yet, Longoria will obviously have to work a miracle to replace Saliba…

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