Mercato: Neymar, Mbappé, Navas, Kalimuendo, Galtier answers everything!

Zapping Goal! soccer club PSG – GOAL INFO! : The Zidane dream, the alternative Tale and tight duel for Pogba


“I feel very happy, very fulfilled. He is very dynamic in his training sessions, he is very happy, just like the group. He has a lot of ambition for the team. To get into the confidence, he is very frustrated not to be able to participate in the Champions Trophy.”


“He has been working well since the start of the season. He seems happy to me too, he is very fit. I spoke about his situation at a press conference. After what will happen in the near future, at the end of the transfer market, I don’t know. We announce him leaving, we announce him staying. I haven’t had an individual interview with him. But he doesn’t seem to me to be disturbed by everything that can be said about him and his situation at the club, through the training sessions, and the joy he has in training.”


“Keylor made important and decisive saves, he works very well. But I was very clear with the goalkeepers at the start of the season, I do not want a rotation, I want to work with a number 1. He knows what I expect from him in his role as number 2, even though I know that deep down there is a lot of frustration.”


“He is coming off a very good season with Lens. And since the resumption he is very present, he takes advantage of the lesser playing time to be effective. He is a player in great demand, whether in France or abroad. Having exchanged a bit with him, and also with Luis Campos, after having had a complete and prolific season last season, he wants to have a high playing time, obviously I am satisfied with what he does every day at the training, of what he brings to the match, then there is the reality of the market, of the transfer window at the moment T. We will see as the days go by, both Kali’s position, and that of the club.”

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to summarize

A few minutes after the victory in a friendly match for PSG, against the Japanese formation of Urawa Reds Diamonds (3-0), the Parisian coach, Christophe Galtier, confided in many subjects. And he didn’t show any jargon.

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