Mercato: head already at Real Madrid, Mbappé has another score to settle

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Kylian Mbappé (23) has not finished hearing about Real Madrid. And for good reason, Tomas Roncero let go on the set of El Chiringuito that it was his next club for good. “Mbappé’s signing at Real Madrid is done,” proclaimed the As journalist last night. At the same time, and even if nothing says that Roncero is 100% right about the future of Mbappé, the file of his image rights in the France team resurfaces.

The appointment made with Noël Le Gräet to try to resolve the conflict will not take place, the player’s lawyer having canceled it. “There was nothing mean in what I said. Now we need to meet. It will get back to normal, it’s not a state affair, ”slipped the president of the FFF in L’Équipe. The resolution of the dispute is not for now.

“We have indeed decided to cancel this meeting, explains Delphine Verheyden, Mbappé’s lawyer. This is useless because President Le Graët has already delivered his conclusions before discussing the subject. The Federation is more than authorized to use the collective image of the France team. But the problem is in particular that it uses more and more the individual image of certain players with others more withdrawn. “This vision is not that of the FFF, which ensures to rely on five players, as stipulated in the agreement signed with the Blues. The dialogue of the deaf will therefore probably last a while longer.

to summarize

While a seasoned Spanish journalist claims loud and clear that Kylian Mbappé (23) is already at Real Madrid, the PSG flagship striker would still be upset with the FFF and Noël Le Graët about image rights.

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